IFL History and Fun Facts Friday

Tara Trafzer hosts the IFL History page on Facebook! Tara’s background and degree from the University of California Berkeley has taught her that there have been some strange and at times, even unbelievable things that have happened throughout history. While emceeing at various dance conventions and events around the world, Tara would share these obscure history facts!

Since the pandemic hit in March of 2020, many, if not all, dance events have been cancelled, postponed, or have transitioned to virtual events. Without a place for Tara to share her history facts, many wrote her asked her to continue sharing these obscure facts. At the recommendation of friends and fellow dancers, IFL History and Fun Facts Friday was born!

Fun Facts Friday is a fun live show Tara provides with special guests where they cover a plethora of topics and have a discussion about the random facts Tara brings up! The IFL History page not only provides knowledge on what events happened in history on this day, but posts Fun Facts Friday events so you can find out when, where, and who is joining Tara on the show!

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